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What is the ideal leadership profile?

Which profile makes for the best leaders?

Which leadership style is considered to be the most successful?

If you’ve been wondering about these questions, you’re not alone – these are my most frequently asked questions in all of my years of leadership coaching, and they’re the ones the Flow leadership development programs will answer for you. Ultimately, everyone wants to know the ‘ideal’ way to lead. My response, that there is no one profile, type, style or theory that is the ‘ideal’, but any one of them can be the ideal, doesn’t really satisfy anyone.

The underlying key messages of all psychometric instruments are essentially the same, regardless of their focus area, whether in leadership capabilities, personality traits, change styles, or interpersonal behavioural interaction needs, to name just a few. Having the self-awareness to understand your own profile and how others differ, and having the skills to adjust your own style to best fit the current context, is the key.

You don’t need to read all of the literature on the various leadership styles, do all of the different psychometric instruments, or become an expert in all of the different models yourself in your search to build your confidence and utilise your own strengths. I developed the Flow Leadership Model to answer exactly that question of the ‘ideal’, so that you can be confident in doing what you do best and having the keys to success. By applying the Flow Leadership Model, you will be learn exactly how to be the most effective and successful leader.

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