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What is the ideal leadership profile?
Which profile makes for the best leaders?

Which leadership style is considered to be the most successful?

As a leadership development professional, my career has centered around working with individuals striving to become better leaders. If you’ve been wondering about these questions, you’re not alone – these are my most frequently asked questions in all of my years of leadership coaching, and they’re the ones this book, Flow Leadership, will answer for you.

I have spent decades learning about and teaching many different leadership styles. Through this, I’ve discovered that almost every one of my clients and students just wanted ‘the answer’ to which style is the most effective and will lead them to greatest success. I have worked with thousands of individuals through tertiary and executive education, designing and delivering leadership development programs, debriefing psychometric assessments and coaching.

Ultimately, everyone wants to know the ‘ideal’ way to lead. My response, that there is no one profile, type, style or theory that is the ‘ideal’, but any one of them can be the ideal, doesn’t really satisfy anyone.


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👉#1 Amazon Hot New Releases – Business Decision-Making

👉#1 Amazon Hot New Releases – Business Meetings & Presentations

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