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How Experimental Are You?

The concept of this book originated ten years ago whilst the authors were watching a baseball game on television (and no doubt drinking beer). Who would have thought that their idea of sharing insights and best practices has touched so many people in the world who aim to create a shift in culture, change the status quo and increase the practise of leadership?


What’s in your Worry Box?

If you’re confused or want to answer “Worry Beads” then I suspect you’re like many and need a reminder or an introduction to Immunity to Change.


Do You Reflect?

My train journey was confronting. A woman was yelling at her toddler son whilst pushing a younger son in a very flimsy stroller and it was apparent that was something was increasingly wrong with this situation. We all listened, that is, the carriage of passengers attempted to read their books, use their devices or look out the window whilst we anticipated what would happen next. At first I was judgmental, angry that she was blaming her child, being thoughtless in her behaviour and then I stopped and really listened to her – she was distressed, feeling vulnerable as a young mum and she was screaming for help in an unspoken way.


Leadership Is Not A Title

My heart stopped today as my son told me how he was still upset that he didn’t achieve a Leadership role in his Grade Six year (2 months on since the announcements). He and a mate have been discussing a boy, once a good mate, who had made a terrible speech (Patrick himself had shaken with nerves and very embarrassed) and that the boy didn’t deserve his role because of his speech.

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