With so many different theories on leadership and an ever-changing dynamic in today’s world, the certainty around which leadership profile will be most successful has been unclear, until now. Leadership development expert Katalin Howell researched the evolution of leadership styles and the range of current theory to develop a new leadership model representing the most effective leadership, FLOW LEADERSHIP. Drawing on positive psychology and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of an optimal state called FLOW, Katalin applied the concept of Flow to Leadership developing the Flow Leadership model.Optimal leadership is achievable!

In this must-read book, learn how every leadership profile can be optimal in a certain situation or with certain individuals, and the same profile will be completely ineffective in a different context.

The most effective and successful leader is both self-aware and skilled; they are capable of fluently adapting their approach to fit the current context, optimally utilising their skills in a challenging environment.

Discover how to become a great leader and achieve the ultimate success. Flow Leadership will give you the tools and provide you with a step-by-step guide to developing your self-awareness, maximising your strengths and becoming an influential leader.

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Katalin distils a career of leadership expertise into an accessible and practical suite of take home actions. Emerging and experienced leaders alike will welcome this fresh viewpoint – especially at a time when the world desperately needs confident, energised leaders, ready to shape a brighter future.

Dr. Bronwyn King AO, MBBS, FRANZCR
CEO Tobacco Free Portfolios
Radiation Oncologist

Kat’s commitment to developing leaders into the best that they can be is impressive. It has been a privilege to work on Kat’s leadership development programs many times over the years, and to reinforce her program’s key messages for leaders to develop their mindset, confidence, drive, strengths and resilience. It’s fantastic to see Kat bringing her extensive knowledge, experience and insights to a wider audience to develop more effective leaders ready to make a positive contribution to a better future.

Jacqui Cooper
3x World Champion
5x Olympian Aerial Skiier

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