Local Leaders

A three day intensive and interactive leadership program for those who reside and work on the Mornington Peninsula.

Each day of the Local Leaders program will focus on a specific aspect of leadership. You will immerse yourself in learning about how you think, feel and act when you purposefully and confidently lead.

Strengthen your

  • Self-awareness and confidence (Day 1)
  • Influence and impact (Day 2)
  • Empowerment and activation (Day 3)

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Our leadership program is for aspiring local leaders and is designed specifically to develop, inspire and motivate growth within your businesses to help you make a greater contribution to your local community — the Mornington Peninsula.

The program is designed to challenge your thinking, inspire and motivate, provide insights from ‘Local Legends’, identify or strengthen your brand, increase your confidence to self-promote and create an ongoing network of ‘Local Leaders’.


28 July & 17th, 18th August 2017 | Mornington Golf Club
Early Bird $2,990 Early Bird before 30th June
Standard $3,350 – BYO friend ($2,890 pp)

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Two highly qualified and experienced local facilitators will work with you across the three days, to enable you to reach your full potential as a leader.

Katalin Howell is a Director, Principal Facilitator and Coach specialising in leadership development, psychology education, board governance, and executive education, having worked at leading organisations including the Melbourne Business School and Leadership Victoria.

The Founder and Managing Director of Flow Leadership, Katalin’s research and exploration of leadership agility has lead to her development of the Flow Leadership Model. Her passion is for developing emerging, established and executive leaders who are self-aware and are developing the ability for unconscious and spontaneous movement between approaches and styles, to best fit the context or current audience; to attain Flow Leadership.

Having grown up in Mount Martha and Flinders, and now living in Mount Eliza, Katalin will always call the Peninsula home and couldn’t think of a better place to raise her four children.

Louise is passionate about leadership. She is excited
by observing great leadership in action and regularly blogs and tweets about her observations.

As a senior manager in the corporate world for many years,predominantly in the financial sector, her major focus was building the leadership capacity of others whilst leading major projects and change. Concurrently, in her roles as Australian and World Vice President of Junior Chamber International, she spent her time developing leaders around Australia and Asia.

Louise spends her time writing, designing, developing and facilitating leadership development programs and you regularly find her coaching and mentoring individuals who have a desire to increase their leadership performance.


We’ve invited a group of locals who have led in their chosen fields, community and government to coach, mentor and inspire you during the program.

Libby Tanner

Logie Award winning actor (Wentworth, All Saints)

A Peninsula native, Libby is currently starring as a Psychologist in the TV series Wentworth and is best known for her role as Bronwyn Craig in the television series All Saints.

Bruce Billson

Recently retired MP of Dunkley

With a political career spanning 20 years representing the Division of Dunkley, Bruce has a wealth of experience in leadership and decision making.

Kathleen Quealy

Founder of T’Gallant Vineyard & Vigneron at Quealy Wines

Kathleen pioneered winemaking on the Mornington Peninsula and has built a reputation as the country’s Queen of Pinot Grigio.

Matt Bebe

Founder of Mornington Peninsula Brewery

Matt’s boutique brewery opened almost 8 years ago and is already an institution on the Peninsula.

Charles Davidson

Founder of Peninsula Hot Springs

Founded in 1997 and continually expanding, the Peninsula Hot Springs has become the number one attraction on the Mornington Peninsula.


Mornington Peninsula is a unique space in Australia. We have designed this program to connect a group of locals and prepare them to be future leaders of this area.

Each day of the Local Leaders Program will focus on a specific aspect of leadership. You will immerse yourself in learning about how you think, feel and act when you purposefully and confidently lead.

Day 1 Self as Leader

Develop self-awareness and insight into an individual’s impact on others through interpersonal relations. With greater insight you can adapt your approach to increase effectiveness. The program will commence with a panel of ‘Local Legends’ to inspire and motivate by sharing their success stories working on the Peninsula.

Day 2 Leading Others

Enhance your ability to lead and influence outcomes through a greater understanding of what drives and motivates others, developing influencing and negotiating skills, and learning how to work with others to create positive and productive communities.There is a two-week break between Day Two & Three to apply skills and prepare for Day Three.

Day 3 Empowerment & activation

Put theory into action and build confidence in your power to make a difference in an area where positive change is needed.The program conclusion includes a ‘Shark Tank’ style presentation from each participant to a panel of our ‘Local Legend’ business founders and operators who will provide feedback and advice on optimising your future plans.


The Local Leaders Program includes psychometric profiling, all catering, workbook and workshop materials. More importantly, you’ll become a member of the Mornington Peninsula Local Leaders’ Alumni. You’ll be connected to a group of like-minded positive visionary people who together will be part of the Peninsula’s future.


Mornington Golf Course,
Tallis Drive, Mornington VIC

Early Bird

$2,990 Early Bird before 30th June


$3,350 - BYO friend ($2,890 pp) before date

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